LuLaRoe Shop is Open

The popular LuLaRoe live sale!

If you are a fashionista and often find yourself filling your closet full of clothes then you probably have already heard of the brand LuLaRoe. LuLaRoe was created by a stay at home more for the stay at home mom. This clothing line is sold through LuLaRoe independent consultants through their independent Facebook group pages. But what is really catching on like wildfire is the LuLaRoe live sale!

As you might be aware Facebook now has the opportunity for you to go live anywhere. Facebook offers a live streaming feature that lets the average Joe stream anywhere at any time. It’s really simple, all you have to do is simply tap the live stream icon on your phone or computer tablet and you can begin to broadcast your video. Not only can you as a private individual take advantage of this but it’s helping boost people’s online presence to include businesses like LuLaRoe.

With many consultants taking advantage of the LuLaRoe live sale, more and more people are seeing and hearing about this brand in their news feeds across the world. The live sale feature allows LuLaRoe consultants to send notifications and event invites notifying followers of upcoming live sales. You can then select RSVP and you will be sent reminders of the upcoming live sale. The LuLaRoe live sales are much more personal and fun than the traditional way most consultants sold LuLaRoe in the past. Past sells were mostly conducted by album sales until the popularity of Facebook live.

Now Facebook live is catching on so much and so many people attend and watch during a LuLaRoe live sale that it’s often hard for the consultant to keep up. Can you imagine a thousand people watching you at one time and flooding you with questions and comments? With the popularity of LuLaRoe consultants and the Facebook live option, now consultants are having to employ help during these LuLaRoe live sale events. It’s hard enough for one person alone to show clothing live, talk about it, sizing, how it can be worn and what it can be worn with then to also have to read what people are asking and commenting about. This often takes a team to address all these issues.

Many people were polled that shop LuLaRoe on what they like more comparing LuLaRoe album sales to LuLaRoe live sales and the pendulum seems to be shifting toward live sales. Those that do like the live sales say it’s more exciting and more of a personal shopping experience for the customer. The get to ask questions live and get the answers immediately. They also get live and real time customer interaction with other shoppers as well. Some say it’s like you’re actually in home and trying these clothes on during these live sales. It’s a feeling of being there others would say. Regardless of your level of technical expertise everyone can enjoy these LuLaRoe live sales!

LuLaRoe Shop is Open

Why I became a LuLaRoe Consultant

For those that may not know me personally, I wanted to take a moment tonight and share with you my WHY. Why I chose to become a LuLaRoe consultant. I’m a former middle school history teacher turned stay at home mom that took the plunge in October 2016 to become a LuLaRoe consultant. I have an almost 3 year old son, Judson, and soon to be 9 month old daughter, Marguerite (“Maggie”).

The past few years I’ve become “Mommy,” or MOM, as Judson often says. I love those two little people so much I can’t remember what life was like before my husband and I had kids. But my mom role had taken over so much that I forgot who ROBYN was. So, yes, I may have started as a LuLaRoe consultant to be able to stay home with my munchkins, contribute to my family financially, expand my LLR wardrobe ;), but mostly I did it for ME. To have something for me again to work on and be proud of. And you know what? I’m amazed at how much I’ve come to love this job.

One of the most rewarding parts about being a teacher that I’ve missed so dearly is hearing from a student that I’ve made a difference in their life. Whether in an end of the year note, running into them at a nail salon a couple of years later, or receiving a message on Facebook this past August from a student I taught back in 2005. What does this have to do with being a LuLaRoe consultant you may ask? I just began this journey in December 2016 when I on boarded and have been blessed with some amazing customers that love LuLaRoe as much as me. I’ve started getting more e-mails, messages, and even phone calls from you all that make me feel like I’m doing more than just sell amazing clothes. Whether a first time buyer has excitedly messaged me how much she loves her first outfit, or I receive a call from someone that needs help navigating my site and finding my albums, this job for ME is starting to have meaning because of YOU. I talked with a new customer yesterday who’s been wanting to try LuLaRoe for a while and finally did this week. She had the biggest smile on her face sharing with me how many compliments she’d received on her leggings and how comfortable they were. That felt SO good to hear! That is what LuLaRoe is about. Making women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes regardless of shape, size, age, etc.

Whether you have on LuLaRoe today, or plan on wearing it tomorrow, I hope you feel as beautiful, confident, and comfortable as I do when I wear my LuLa. Even if I haven’t washed my hair in a couple of days, ran out of time to put on makeup, have random baby stuff on me from goodness knows what, LLR is sure to put a smile on my face. And next time you are out and spot someone wearing LuLaRoe, go over and compliment her. I guarantee you will bring a smile to her face and it may be exactly what she needed to hear that day 🙂

Thanks for letting me share with y’all tonight!


P.S. This picture is of me after receiving my FIRST shipment of LuLaRoe inventory! I still get giddy with excitement when UPS shows up 🙂


LuLaRoe Shop is Open

LuLaRoe’s Perfect T is……PERFECT!!

Four weeks ago I added the LuLaRoe Perfect T to my inventory and I couldn’t be happier with that decision! It was out of stock when I onboarded December 2016 so it was very exciting to start ordering and be able to bring to my VIP shopping group, LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider. It’s quickly become the top selling LuLaRoe top in my shop, along with the Irma, and I’m not the least bit surprise! Why?

The cut of the LuLaRoe Perfect T is flattering to women of all shapes and sizes. Especially if you are more pear shaped, the Perfect is extremely becoming to your body type! It has a scoop neckline similar to the Classic T, and a more fitted sleeve a little longer than the Classic, but shorter than the Irma. It fits through the bodice like a Classic but then flares out at the bottom into a fun swing shape! My favorite feature? The side slits! They create SO many fun ways of how to wear the Perfect T!

LuLaRoe Perfect T

Styling the Perfect T is very easy and can be combined with ANY LuLaRoe leggings, skirts, dresses, etc! I’ll share my favorite ways to wear the Perfect T and combinations of styles I currently carry. The easiest way to wear the Perfect T is as is! Pair with your favorite leggings or over a Cassie skirt. You can also take advantage of the side slits to tie cute knots on each side. This also looks very cute with leggings or a Cassie. Accessories, accessories! My go to accessory to change of ANY LuLaRoe style is a belt and it works fabulous with the Perfect T as well! Next, take the front half of your Perfect T and pull in the back and tuck each tail into your leggings (or skirt). Do the same with the back half and tuck it in front. This creates a very cute fitted, draping look as seen in my picture! Another fun way that even allows you to size up multiple sizes if you find a print you love is taking the front half, lifting just a little to create a waistband, and knotting it behind you. Then take the tail pieces in the back and tuck them in front. Having a hard time visualizing all of these styling tips? Check out my video below demonstrating my favorite ways to style the LuLaRoe Perfect T!


To check out my latest collection of Perfect Tees and the rest of my inventory, join my online VIP shopping group HERE

Pop Up Party

Tips for a successful online LuLaRoe Pop Up Party!

You make be asking yourself, how does a Facebook LuLaRoe online party work?

I have a scheduled album sale for my LuLaRoe Facebook Group “LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider” every Thursday evening at 7pm MST. During that time I will announce that you are my guest “PARTY HOSTESS” for the duration of that sale. You invite all your friends to shop that sale (along with all my usual customers) and all they need to do is mention your name in the “HOSTESS” section of the checkout form as the hostess. I will see how many items your friends buy and you will earn your FREE clothes according to those numbers.

NOTE: I only allow one hostess per sale. I do not want a lot of hostesses at one time, because it may make it difficult for your friends to actually claim an item and purchase if there is too much competition. This being said…you will be the only hostess scheduled at this time! I think it makes it easier for your friends to shop and for you to earn FREE clothes!


  • I will create customized invitations for you to email/text/message to your friends and pass out to anyone and everyone you may know.
  • I will create a Facebook Event the Saturday prior to the online sale and have you add as many friends as you can. This event is essentially an online invitation for people to join the party and shop. I will make you a co-host of the event so you can invite your friends.
  • The days leading up to your party I will introduce all styles I carry to your friends in case they are not familiar with LuLaRoe. I’ll share vidoes and sizing charts as well. To get your friends excited I will give you a daily task to engage with them! For example, post a selfie in your LLR or the funniest LLR meme you can find.
  • The day prior to the sale I’ll start a FREE leggings giveaway for your friends simply for joining my VIP shopping page to have access to shopping.
  • During the sale I will record the number of items purchased by your friends and tell you how many FREE pieces of clothing you earned.



  • Email, post, and invite as many people as you can with the invitations I send you.
  • Invite your friends to the party via the “EVENT” that I scheduled.
  • Remind your friends about the sale. Send out personal messages! People often respond better to a personal message than just be added with the masses to an Event.
  • Please have your friends visit my website to become familiar with the clothing styles, pricing, etc… prior to the sale. This will make it easier for them to shop, because they know what to expect.
  • The day of the party any friends that haven’t joined my “LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider” page I’ll have you add so they have access to shopping.
  • Comment on the clothing and posts! Tag your friends in items you think they will like! Posts a reminder on your personal FB page in case your friends forgot to check the Event page.
  • Remind your friends to pay their invoices!! I will be submitting invoices after the party or the next day. I cannot tally up how many items were purchased under your hostess name until they are paid.
  • Be positive during the sale and most importantly just have fun!

These are my best tips so far for a successful online LuLaRoe Pop Up Party! However, I’m always trying new things to see what works best. Have a tip I missed?! Please share by commenting below!

LuLaRoe Shop is Open

Love Your Lulalovin’ Self

I hate clothes. And I hate clothes shopping. Always have.  I was a plus sized teenager who went to a private school with a very strict dress code, with no uniforms!  Rough.  I’m now a mom of one, 36 years old, and a size 22/24.  For years, I spent hundreds of dollars in name brand stores trying to find clothes that not only fit, but actually made me feel good about myself.  Occasionally I’d find a piece that did that but I always felt they were “big girl clothes.”  My weight always fluctuated, so I wore leggings, which grew and shrunk with me. Easy right?

Everything changed when I told my best friend my every day leggings had ripped. She told me about Lula. On a whim, I ordered my first pair of leggings in a mystery sale. They were cute, they were butter soft, and they FIT! I was in love!

Over the next two months my Lula stash grew and grew! I literally emptied my closets of all non Lula.  Each new item made me feel confident, beautiful, sexy, and excited to wear it!  Every piece- leggings, Nicoles, Cassies, Perfects, Amelias, Sarahs, Carlys, everything, fit me like a glove and accentuated my figure. Yes, accentuated, not clinging to my rolls or making me feel like a frumpy potato sack!

Recently, I got mad. I got upset. I was in a Lula page and saw one woman say, “Do these leggings look ok? I’m plus sized and I had someone tell me fat people shouldn’t wear leggings.”  About two minutes later I saw another woman say, “Here is my new Amelia. Please don’t send me your diet pages, like last time, I’m just asking if this makes me look huge or if it’s ok.”  I realized while looking through many of the posts of woman showing off their Lula, including some which I had done in the past, share their pic and follow it up with “Please be kind…” What is going on here?? What are we doing to ourselves?

So I shared a few sentences about LuLaRoe and how it made me feel. How it’s changed my view of myself and of clothes and of my body.  How we need to celebrate US!! I put together a slideshow of some of my FAVORITE Lula outfits and shared it out, hoping it would inspire one lady to see herself in a new light because of LuLaRoe. Over 1000 likes later and hundreds of comments, and a special invite to write on this blog, I realized woman were just dying for SOMEONE to say what they have been feeling because of these amazing pieces!

It’s been beautiful, this Lula journey. From falling in love with clothes that love my body, to meeting amazing consultants, to the LuLaRoe community of woman, some who have become fantastic friends!

So ladies, if you are reading this and you are feeling inspired, get up, throw on your favorite LuLaRoe outfit (mine is a Carly with a Sarah and leggings) and take a SELFIE WITH A SMILE! It’s time to start to love your Lula loving self!


Article contributed by:

Tracy Hilker