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LuLaRoe’s Perfect T is……PERFECT!!

Four weeks ago I added the LuLaRoe Perfect T to my inventory and I couldn’t be happier with that decision! It was out of stock when I onboarded December 2016 so it was very exciting to start ordering and be able to bring to my VIP shopping group, LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider. It’s quickly become the top selling LuLaRoe top in my shop, along with the Irma, and I’m not the least bit surprise! Why?

The cut of the LuLaRoe Perfect T is flattering to women of all shapes and sizes. Especially if you are more pear shaped, the Perfect is extremely becoming to your body type! It has a scoop neckline similar to the Classic T, and a more fitted sleeve a little longer than the Classic, but shorter than the Irma. It fits through the bodice like a Classic but then flares out at the bottom into a fun swing shape! My favorite feature? The side slits! They create SO many fun ways of how to wear the Perfect T!

LuLaRoe Perfect T

Styling the Perfect T is very easy and can be combined with ANY LuLaRoe leggings, skirts, dresses, etc! I’ll share my favorite ways to wear the Perfect T and combinations of styles I currently carry. The easiest way to wear the Perfect T is as is! Pair with your favorite leggings or over a Cassie skirt. You can also take advantage of the side slits to tie cute knots on each side. This also looks very cute with leggings or a Cassie. Accessories, accessories! My go to accessory to change of ANY LuLaRoe style is a belt and it works fabulous with the Perfect T as well! Next, take the front half of your Perfect T and pull in the back and tuck each tail into your leggings (or skirt). Do the same with the back half and tuck it in front. This creates a very cute fitted, draping look as seen in my picture! Another fun way that even allows you to size up multiple sizes if you find a print you love is taking the front half, lifting just a little to create a waistband, and knotting it behind you. Then take the tail pieces in the back and tuck them in front. Having a hard time visualizing all of these styling tips? Check out my video below demonstrating my favorite ways to style the LuLaRoe Perfect T!


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