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The Most Popular LuLaRoe Shirts

LuLaRoe is one of the fastest growing clothing brands in the United States having sales of approximately one billion though it was founded only in 2012. The colorful, well designed and comfortable LuLaRoe clothes are very popular among women and men of all ages. Unlike most clothing brands, LuLaRoe is not available for sale at most of the major online retailers, it is only sold by LuLaRoe consultants offline at pop up, trade shows or online through the Facebook page and Facebook groups of their consultants. LuLaRoe sells a wide variety of clothing for women, men and kids like skirts, leggings, tops, bottoms, jackets and dresses in different designs.

They are a wide variety of LuLaRoe Shirts available for both women and men, which differ in the design, material, colors available to suit women and men of all sizes, and shapes. Compared to other clothing items, LuLaRoe offers the maximum number of variations in the design of tops or shirts as they can be used with a wide range of clothes, like skirts, leggings, jeans, short pants, pants, over dresses depending on the requirement of the wearer. Though the classic T shirt is the one of the earliest shirts from LuLaRoe, there are other LuLaRoe Shirts listed for sale like the Perfect Tee, Irma Tunic, Randy Tee, Lynnae Top, Gigi top, Shirley, Sarah, Lindsay, Patrick.

The classic Shirt like other LuLaRoe Shirts is available in eight different size ranging from XXS, a small size for very slim women to 3XL for plus sized women. The classic T shirt is made from jersey fabric derived from spun polyester. The short sleeved tshirt, has a high scoop neck and is loose for greater comfort. To ensure that the Tshirts fits women of all body shapes perfectly, the back side of the t shirt is slighter longer than the front side of the t shirt. The shirt is available in plain colors and patterns also. The perfect Tee shirt is similar to the classic Tshirt in material, however the sleeves are longer and the t shirt is also longer , and includes striped patterns.

The Irma tunic is a longer loose top and with half sleeves suitable for women who wish to remain covered. Like the classic T shirt it has a scoop neck The loose shirt is longer at the back compared to the front, making it suitable for women who are looking for a longer shirt to wear with their leggings or skirts . The Randy shirt has longer sleeves compared to other shirts from LuLaRoe and usually combines two different colors, one dark color, and a light color. The shirt is made of thicker material compared to other shirts, and is suitable for use in winter. Most of the LuLaRoe Shirts for women like Classic T, Irma, Perfect T, Randy are priced at about $35 each.

LuLaRoe also has shirts for men named Patrick, Mark Henley and Randy. Mark is a Henley top with full length Raglan sleeves in contrasting colors. The shirt has three buttons and is made from comfortable and light weight fabric. The shirt can be worn with the Harvey jacket and is available in seven different sizes varying from XS to 3XL. Patrick is a short sleeved tshirt for men, and is priced at $40.

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LuLaRoe Shop is Open

The Popular LuLaRoe Online Party

If you don’t already know what LuLaRoe is, today we will find out about LuLaRoe and how this company sells their products using social media networks like Facebook.

First for you newbies, LuLaRoe is a fashion line and outlet for women and is based on the multi-level marketing model which means that the products of the company are sold through various “fashion consultants” or independent person\distributor. They sell various clothing items like leggings, skirts, shirts, dresses and many more women clothing items. The current CEO of the company is Mark Stidham. This company is solely based in the United States based and particularly California and all the products are made and designed in the US. The company was started back in 2013 and has been a making a huge amount of revenue since then. As a consultant they get around 50% of the profit from selling their inventory. This has given a golden opportunity to earn sustainability to work at home for moms across the country.

There are various ways in which the fashion consultant can sell their inventory to the customers like hosting parties, making online private Facebook groups and host online parties. The hosting parties are the basic just as any other hosting party. These parties are like a convention for clothes where the fashion consultant can showcase their inventory and sell them to their friends and family. These in home parties are quite fun I must say because they usually involve cheese and wine, which are two of my favorites, ha. The other way is the most popular is selling through social media sites like Facebook. The fashion consultants make private Facebook groups and invite people through their love and interest of a specific item like leggings or skirts. These groups are normally used to conduct business over a long range of locations rather than a single location. Most group members are from a vast area of the United States because these members follow the consultants they most click with. In these groups, the fashion consultant puts the items of their inventory on the showcase or album as they call it and set a price. Then they create a schedule for the sales of the clothes and posts the schedule on the group page. The people who want to join these groups have to request the fashion consultant to add them to the group. Once added to the group the customer can find the item they want to buy and shop on these groups. Then these fashion consultants hold online parties in is what is often called a LuLaRoe Online Party. In the LuLaRoe Online Party, the fashion consultant live streams their inventory on Facebook and then the members of these groups bid on various items. This results in quasi bidding war between the various members of these groups. Once purchased the fashion consultant ships the product to the customer. And this how the selling process works for these online parties.

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LuLaRoe Shop is Open

Some tips on where to buy LuLaRoe

Though LuLaRoe was founded recently by Deanne Brady and her husband Mark Stidham, LuLaRoe clothing has become of the most popular clothing companies in the United States with reported sales of nearly $ 1 billion. The colorful, soft, well designed and affordable clothing from the company is one of the reasons why LuLaRoe has become extremely popular, especially among women of all ages. Those who have purchased and used LuLaRoe clothing are usually interested in purchasing new designs of the LuLaRoe clothes like skirts, tops, and leggings. Unlike most popular clothing brands LuLaRoe is not easily available online, so many LuLaRoe buyers are asking the question, Where to buy LuLaRoe?

One of the most unique features about LuLaRoe is that the company only sells through consultants, and has a large network of over 80,000 consultants in the United Sates, making it one of the largest multi level marketing companies in the country. LuLaRoe prohibits online sales of the garments, so their garments are not easily available at major online marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay. The consultants are officially allowed to sell the LuLaRoe clothing offline to their friends and relatives, through pop up shows, trade shows and also through their Facebook page.

So for a person wondering where to buy LuLaRoe clothing, the easiest way to do so is to contact a LuLaRoe consultant who will have an inventory of clothing available for their buyers. The details of the LuLaRoe consultants are available on the LuLaRoe website, and the buyer can find the nearest consultant in their area, who they can call on phone, or meet personally to get details of the clothes available. Many people are wearing LuLaRoe clothing, and asking friends and relatives where they purchased their clothing from, will also help in finding details of the LuLaRoe consultants who are selling the clothing in the area.

Many of the LuLaRoe consultants are either organizing or participating in pop up shows and trade fairs where they display and sell the LuLaRoe clothing. These pop up shows are advertised in the local media like television, through outdoor advertising, using flyers and mailers. Women who love LuLaRoe clothing should check local event listings for these pop up shows, flea markets and other events, as it will help them to contact the LuLaRoe consultant in the area and receive regular updates on the availability of LuLaRoe clothing. Additionally many people are invited to in home pop up shows where the LuLaRoe clothing is one of the items for sale.

Another way to buy LuLaRoe clothing is through the Facebook page of the consultant, and searching Facebook will yield a large number of LuLaRoe consultants and groups which are selling the clothing to their members. Women who love LuLaRoe clothing can become a member of these groups and get updated offers on the latest designs, sales for these clothes. The LuLaRoe consultants also may have VIP groups for their regular customers where large discounts are available. There are a few buy/sell/trade groups which officially sell used LuLaRoe clothes, but may have some new clothes available from those who could not use the clothes they purchased due to a variety of reasons like small size.

But remember just because you have a local LuLaRoe consultant doesn’t mean they will carry the styles you like. That’s what makes this brand unique. One consultant make have certain styles and prints and another will have totally different ones. And when you see something you like you better grab it because you may never see it again. That’s why people join LuLaRoe consultant groups online through Facebook from all over to have a better selection of inventory.

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LuLaRoe Shop is Open

How a LuLaRoe Gift Certificate Works

When it comes to LuLaRoe, fashionistas agree that they don’t think twice when buying any o the latest styles from this brand. They know that they can get exclusive design of so many fashion outfits, especially dresses, cardigans, tops, pencil skirts, sheath and the list is endless and no one else will have them.

From now on, there is no need to worry about breaking your bank before purchasing any of the fashionable collections. You can easily obtain a LuLaRoe gift certificate in your hands, and shop all the LuLaRoe clothing you wish. Nothing can stop you from choosing the latest LuLaRoe styles, whether it is on online boutiques, or exclusive in-home retailers.

Lucky are those who can find LuLaRoe retailers nearby in their areas. But, chances to shop with LuLaRoe Gift Certificate is even higher at the online boutiques. Buyers will never find any shortage of stock, as most LuLaRoe independent consultant’s pays attention to buyers’ satisfaction anywhere throughout the globe.  Sometimes these gift certificated are consultant specific, meaning that if you have a LuLaRoe gift certificate you can only use it with a certain LuLaRoe independent consultant. Then I have also seen them where you allowed to shop anywhere LuLaRoe is sold.

What about you becoming a retailer?

Wait a minute. As far as all fashionistas are concerned, LuLaRoe pays attention to everyone, who wishes to own their own LuLaRoe business, where they can gain high profits through the excellent selling rate of this product. Becoming a retailer turns out to be the gold mine for so many young entrepreneurs, who understand the triumphant prospect in this business.

Interested? What’s so special about becoming a consultant for LuLaRoe? First thing first, retailers find no difficulties in gaining buyers, due to the high popularity of LuLaRoe. Second, retailers can easily print LuLaRoe certificates, as gimmicks or promotional tools. Nothing amazes girls or women than getting shopping with highly discounted prices. The card design is easily customized, based on retailers’ taste and personality.

Believe it or not, LuLaRoe has more styles than any fashion lovers are dreaming of. By getting LuLaRoe gift certificates online or from friends, they can easily shop their desired products, at anytime and anywhere that they want. While Christmas is approaching, you cannot wait any longer! Becoming a retailer is the most brilliant chance to expand your entrepreneurship, through such a reputable brand.

Christmas sale is what fashion freaks hunt for. They have no hesitation in shopping around, as long as they can get the latest fashion and deals from highly prominent brand, like LuLaRoe. For sure, they don’t mind spending their time and money to shop LuLaRoe, when they can rest assured that they get them at very low cost by using LuLaRoe Certificates or better yet when these are gifted to you, it’s even better spending others people’s money to look chic.

Imagine buying all the LuLaRoe styles you can dream of on someone elses dime. Well if someone gives you a gift certificate this can happen. Shopping has never been this fun, right?

So, what are you waiting for? There no need to waste a single second to start this business or to shop. Join other successful retailers or you can run your Pop-Up Boutiques at the convenience of your home, whichever suits your lifestyle. Make the most of selling LuLaRoe gift certificates to expand your business and gain more buyers than you might have never imagined before.

Never start a business before? The LuLaRoe team is ready to help you in details about running this excellent business. Once you enjoy the fun of involving in this LuLaRoe movement, therefore you have no doubt in running this business for good.

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LuLaRoe Shop is Open

LuLaRoe shop is Open to All

LuLaRoe is a company that was founded in 2014 by a network marketer turned fashion entrepreneur known as DeAnne Stidham. The company’s main goal is to help and show people how to sell affordable, stylish, comfortable clothing as well as giving fashion consultants the chance to make some extra money through what is proving to be a lucrative multi-level marketing medium. The LuLaRoe shop is open and found on Facebook and most of their business transactions are done through this social media portal. Their most popular items so far are the elastic printed leggings that they have been vigorously promoting.

LuLaRoe’s method of selling through Facebook is by inviting as many people as they can to one of their many so called ‘online parties’ which is done through a distributor and not by them directly. Besides the leggings they offer a variety of tops, dresses and skirts with size that ranges from double XS to triple XL. The printed leggings, however, are their bread and butter. With what most people have come to describe as a ‘buttery’ texture, these leggings, that cost about twenty five dollars, comes in two distinct versions. One-Size which are meant for those that are size two to ten and T&C, Tall and Curvy, meant for sizes twelve to twenty two.

LuLaRoe Shop is Open

The most interesting thing about this company is how they sell their products. LuLaRoe happens to be a multilevel marketing company. This generally means that distributors will come buy the product and then proceed with selling it to the consumer directly with no middleman. The company encourages its distributors to have their own sales team. The company invites anyone to join their movement which basically means anyone can join up with them and become one of their many distributors and sellers. Working from home has never been easier when selling products for this company.

Those of you that are looking to become business builders through this company, the LuLaRoe shop is open to you. What you will require is about four thousand five hundred to six thousand five hundred dollars depending on how much inventory you’ll need for those pop-up Facebook parties that usually happen weekly. Initial orders usually contain about three hundred pieces and will set you back a hefty six thousand dollars. However, one disheartening factor is that the distributor purchasing this said initial inventory has no control on what specific type of clothing apparels they’re going to get. This can prove tricky due to the fact that you may get something that you don’t want or don’t know how to sell.

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