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Cheap leggings that are downright awesome!

When you shop for cheap leggings, you’re often asking for trouble. Some of the cheaper brands are no good for wearing without further cover because to be honest, people can see your underwear. Even if they aren’t see-through when you buy them, many of the bargain leggings will become thin over time as the material wears.

This is generally not a huge ordeal when you’re wearing a dress or a long top. It’s still annoying, however. Don’t you want your leggings to be all-purpose?

Leggings are pants that match the curves of your body. They’re supposed to be versatile. Typically, you can wear them to the gym, yoga class, the shopping mall or to bed. Many use them like normal all-purpose pants, and others wear them under a dress or a long top.

Most leggings are made with various materials like spandex, cotton, wool, denim and Lycra. Each has its advantages. For example, cotton’s great for comfort and style while some synthetic materials absorb sweat and work better for exercise.

When buying leggings, make sure you get the most bang for your buck so that you can take advantage of everything they have to offer.

One affordable leggings brand has gained a cult following after their 2012 launch. Think Beanie Babies. Think Tupperware. Think Scientology. Really!

LuLaRoe leggings are often compared to butter. When people say that, they’re referring to the high level of comfort compared to other leggings they have tried in the past. They’re designed with comfort in mind. Trying on a new pair of these is an amazing feeling.

People often say that LuLaRoe leggings don’t have to be adjusted to fit your physical activity. Some brands will ride up your legs or make you have to constantly play with the waste band to stay comfortable. LuLaRoe’s tend to stay put. These pants don’t restrict movement during workouts either.

The leggings are also made for all seasons. The thick material keeps you warm in the winter, and the breathable fabric keeps you cool in the summer. Many pairs are made of polyester and spandex, but they have other materials available.

LuLaRoe has two adult sizes. Choose between “one size” for sizes 2-12 and “tall and curvy” for sizes 10-22. Kid sizes are for 2-8 and 8-12.

The colors and styles of LuLaRoe’s are so spectacular, they usually only run 1,000-2,500 pairs per design. Some become collector’s items and sell for a few times the original price.

LuLaRoe is a company that empowers women, providing the freedom of owning their own home-based businesses. You can only buy leggings through local consultants, at Tupperware-like parties or on Facebook. Consultants sell them on Facebook parties as well. Type “sold” in a comment under a photo, and you’ll get an invoice via email to score those perfect pair of leggings!

If you live in the US, you are likely to live near several consultants who are happy to come to your house and let you try on your leggings before you buy them. Ask them about LuLaRoe’s tops as well.

Don’t shop around for cheap leggings. If you want a proven brand for a low price, locate a LuLaRoe Consultant like myself.














LuLaRoe Shop is Open

LuLaRoe’s Holiday Line of Printed Leggings for Women

The Holidays are here!

LuLaRoe holiday printed leggings for women are here. LuLaRoe makes some of the best women’s printed leggings in the world when those special holidays role around. For Christmas you will find leggings with reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas trees and other vacation printed leggings for women.

Holiday LeggingsLadies, do you need something entertaining and multicolored to wear during the holidays? Do you like leggings? Sometime these leggings are also referred to as Yoga pants. Leggings are extremely comfortable to slip on and wear around the house. Combine them with an oversized sweater for a creative and festive look for that holiday gathering.

I am so excited for the entertaining prints coming out for the holidays! LuLaRoe loves doing capsule releases – they did distinctive releases for Halloween, Fourth of July, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, and now we are starting to see some for the holidays!

I’ve seen quite a few of these prints and they are so festive and entertaining, I am hoping I get lucky enough to get some this fall!!!

I really think these special LuLaRoe leggings are so entertaining – awesome for wearing from now through Christmas, Hanukkah, or whichever vacation you celebrate.

LuLaRoe and their Unique Leggings

There are seriously so many entertaining prints – and not all Christmas themed, plenty reflect the vacation season overall. A few of the Christmas ones I’ve seen have Santa hats, elves, Christmas trees, ornaments, and stockings! Some other seasonal prints I’ve seen are present boxes with bows, holly leaves and berries, a knit sweater looking print, and mittens!

I especially love that a lot of them have a pop art feel – shinny colors, entertaining cartoony prints, while others are darker, and will be something I strive to sneak in wearing even after the holidays are over.

Halloween Leggings


LuLaRoe leggings come in two adult sizes – One Size (fit sizes 2 – 12) and Tall and Curvy (fit sizes 12 – 22), as well as Tween, and two Kids sizes. Trust me, they really do fit fabulously. The holiday printed leggings are available in all sizes!


LuLaRoe leggings are $25! The awesome price point for a grade, exclusive pair of leggings! And you’ll get some impressive vacation wear out of these ones!


While all LuLaRoe consultants aren’t lucky enough to get a batch of these “unicorns” for the holiday’s, I assure you I will point you to someone who happens to have won the LuLaRoe lottery and has a few in stock to dish out to those lucky customers.

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LuLaRoe Shop is Open

My First Unicorn – Purple and Yellow Patterned Leggings

Those new to LuLaRoe may not be familiar with the “unicorn” term quite yet. Unicorns are highly sought after patterns often found on leggings but the print may be found made in any LuLaRoe clothing piece. Some are highly sought after among LuLaRoe unicorn hunters like donut, pizza, or French fry leggings. Others are just individual shopper’s unicorn. My first unicorn item is a pair of purple and yellow patterned leggings. If you are from Louisiana you understand that you can NEVER own enough purple and yellow clothes in your wardrobe. If I weren’t a diehard LSU fan I’d probably have no interest in these leggings otherwise. It took a little searching, but I was able to track down the pair from a consultant in Colorado who had them shipped to me in a couple of days.

patterned leggings
Game Day Saturday = Unicorn leggings + clothing rack size dividers! #gettingready


Today I sport my LSU unicorn leggings as it is Saturday. Game Day. A sacred day in south Louisiana. I may be in Albuquerque, NM but I’ll be cheering on my team no matter where I am in the country. Before our two kids, Saturdays were spent lazily watching SEC football games all day long and meeting up with a group of other LSU fans to cheer on our beloved Tigers. I’d usually grade papers and work on lesson plans as well to get that out of the day. Today I work on my new business. I’ve got my buttery soft leggings on to send the Tigers good vibes and I’m putting together my adorable clothing rack size dividers. I’m OBSESSED with how cute they came out! I searched Etsy and EBay to find the perfect stickers to place on the solid white plastic dividers and found just what I was looking for on EBay, of all places. The Etsy designs were cute too, but it was just the instant download. I wasn’t interested in having to buy the sticker sheets, use my ink, and print them myself. So for a better deal price wise I ordered them already printed from EBay and they came out super cute. Once I can build up my inventory and start adding styles down the line I may need more. However, I should be all set for my initial inventory and launch!

As I admire my purple and yellow patterned leggings I’m starting to wonder….what will my next unicorn be? Will the hunt for them be as easy as it was this time?!

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LuLaRoe Shop is Open

LuLaRoe and the Leggings Craze

Soft. Comfortable. Fashionable. What am I talking about? Leggings. These tight fitting stretch pants have been adopted by women of all walks of life in the current fashion world because of their comfortable nature. Because of their buttery soft feel and beautiful, one of a kind prints, LuLaRoe has taken over the leggings market in the past few years. Teens, young adults, and women of all ages are sporting leggings in a casual manner as well as fancier outfits with dresses and fashionable accessories.  Whether you are new to LuLaRoe fashion or an experienced LuLaRoe diva, you can find LuLaRoe in Albuquerque or a city near you.

patterned leggingsWhether a relaxing day at home or date night on the town, leggings can be worn for any occasion. Add a LuLaRoe Classic T, Perfect T, or Irma tunic for a classic leggings look. Cinch a belt, wrap a scarf, and throw on a pair of boots for an all-day look.  For dressier looks, pair leggings with the gorgeous Carly dress or under the beautiful Cassie skirt. In cooler months add the amazing, ankle length Sarah cardigan for a timeless look. Accessories can completely change the look of an outfit and the versatile leggings.

The buttery soft LuLaRoe leggings are made different from any other leggings in the world. All of the fabric is milled in one place and only three factories in the WORLD make LuLaRoe leggings. There are 9 million leggings in production right now!!! The fabric is brushed three times instead of once like other leggings and that difference makes them melt into your skin. LuLaRoe leggings are 92% polyester and 8 % spandex. Add the unique manufacturing process and the end result is amazing stretch and softest leggings on the market.

printed leggings for women


LuLaRoe leggings provide a great fit and look on women of all shapes and sizes. One size or Tall and Curvy are sure to provide the perfect fit for you. Be comfortable and feel confident and amazing in LuLaRoe leggings. I guarantee you will not own just one pair once you give them a try! Use the Shop Now tab at the top of the home page and find out how to shop my online boutique and try these amazing leggings. Or click the link to join my special Facebook VIP page where live sales, pop-up boutiques, and album sales happen weekly.

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