Y’all, today is my online launch party!!! It has been a whirlwind of a week! The last 48 hours I have photographed 100s of gorgeous LuLaRoe pieces to prepare them to showcase in my Facebook VIP shopping group tonight. ( It has been SO much fun opening each box to see what goodies have been inside. However, I am bone tired today yet giddy with excitement. My trusty mannequin, Emmy, and I have been working past midnight every night in order to prep the inventory. Most consultants take a week to photograph and collage what we’ve done in three days! I’m very proud of myself but need a long nap! The styles I’ll be debuting tonight are the Carly, Cassie, Classic T, Irma, Julia, Leggings (OS, TC on their way!), Lindsay, Monroe, and Randy.

The Monroe kimono is new to me. I was unsure of carrying it when I first saw it in my package but once it arrived and I tried on it was love at first sight! I tried it on over a Classic I was wearing and immediately felt fancy and dressed up! She is a beautiful layering piece that I can also wear perfectly in the summer as a swimsuit cover up. I really got some amazing prints in for all the styles and leggings….UNICORN alert!

We’ve had a fun week of contests and games with my shopping group and look forward to more fun today! I have a few pictures to fix this morning and hope to put together some outfits as well. Other than that I feel as ready as ready can be!

Come join the fun and come check out my gorgeous new LuLaRoe collection!

LuLaRoe Shop is Open

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock………….

The time has come. I’m sitting anxiously by my phone in my funky leggings waiting for THE call. The Jeopardy theme music is playing in my head. I cannot believe the time has come. By the end of this week I should receive that magical call, “Hi Robyn. I’m ___________ from LuLaRoe. I’m calling to onboard you today.” EEK!

The emotions running through me are indescribable right now. I’m beyond excited for this new business adventure. I’m terrified. Will I fail? I’m hopeful. Will I succeed? I’m anxious. Will I be able to balance this new role with my others as wife and mom to a toddler and infant? What if no one shops with me? What if no one shows up to pop up parties or open houses to see my inventory?  But what if they do! Maybe my love for LuLaRoe will spread among friends, family, and those I don’t know yet. What if I help someone feel comfortable and beautiful in clothes who didn’t previously? The possibilities of what is about to happen in this journey are endless. I may not know what the outcome will be today. But I do know that I would regret not taking this journey with LuLaRoe.

As emotions run hot and cold through me I’m rechecking my to-do-lists seeing what else I can prepare for. My husband, kids, and I went and purchased collapsible rolling garment racks last night. That was the last biggie to get. I printed a few color signs earlier that I need to find some basic frames for to display during pop-ups. I’m organizing a binder and printing out materials, spreadsheets, etc. that should help me stay on top of things. I’ve got loads of graphics downloaded and ready to go. I do need to create a business page on Facebook in addition to my VIP shopping page.  But for the most part, I believe I have my ducks in a row as far as much as I can at this point. I’ve even had a handful of people request to join my shopping group so far that hunted my site down! It’s not a lot, but exciting to see people locate my page on their own and want to shop.

As this week begins, I feel as though I’m in the eye of a hurricane. The calm before the storm. Before I know it boxes and boxes of inventory will be at my front door awaiting me. Ready to shown off in pictures and at in home parties. I’m sure the first month will be absolute madness with the holidays looming. Luckily, I love staying busy and anticipate this to be a good kind of madness. Until then I’ll enjoy a relatively quiet week with my family. We will all be riding the LuLaRoe roller coaster before long!

Hopefully next time I write, I will OFFICIALLY be a LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Consultant!!!

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LuLaRoe Shop is Open

Lights, Camera, Action!

Happy Fri-YAY! I can’t believe more than a month has passed since I signed my contract to be a LuLaRoe fashion consultant! My on-boarding call should come in about two weeks. I’m so excited and busy getting prepared for a successful launch! This week’s focus has been on photographing LuLaRoe clothing pieces. I want my pictures to be clear and showcase the beauty of LuLaRoe clothes. Today is pretty chilly out so while my toddler is at school and baby is playing on the floor, I’m warm and toasty in my favorite LuLaRoe gear putting my mannequin hard to work showcasing my personal LLR wardrobe. I’ve always been a frugal, cheap mama so summer or winter I LOVE my Cassie pencil skirts! Worn as a skirt, tube top in the summer, or scarf it is such a versatile piece year round.  I recently splurged on a beautiful grey heathered Sarah cardigan that is the perfect layering piece and has POCKETS! Seriously, who doesn’t love pockets?! All my cheap cardigans from an unnamed big box store have been retired after completely unraveling last year so it was time for an update.

Love, LOVE this gorgeous Sarah over a solid Classic Tee, printed Cassie, and black leggings. LuLaRoe from head to toe today! (Photography Credit: My two year old son)


Enough about today’s outfit for now though (I just love, LOVE my LuLaRoe so I get easily distracted lol), let’s talk photography. I’m going to have to come up with a name for mannequin before long as she’ll be putting in serious overtime once my initial package arrives. I’ve almost got my lighting kit settings just right. I have one umbrella light up higher and the other lower so there isn’t shadowing at the bottom of dresses. The small third light I’m learning I only need with certain colors. Otherwise the picture looks best with just the two umbrella lights. Surprisingly, my phone takes better pictures than my shoot and point Sony camera. Many consultants use a fancy backdrop and add boards with sizes, etc. to the picture. My personal opinion is that is SO busy. I don’t want shoppers to be looking at the background or signs. LuLaRoe clothes should be the star of every picture for online pop up boutiques. Other stuff is just a distraction from the clothes. I also prefer a solid white backdrop. Colors come through best and again, let the clothes shine. So I have a basic white sheet that my handy husband hung from a curtain rod for me in our laundry room. I don’t have a dedicated LuLaRoom in our current home (one day!!) so our spacious laundry room is where the pictures will be taken and clothing racks stored at the end of the day. Some consultants are successful in tiny studio apartments so anything is possible when it comes to space.

Last thing about pictures I’d like to share for now is the program I’m using to make the collages. There are so many to pick from and use. I currently like I use the website on my laptop vs the app on my phone. I watched a great YouTube video on how to use this site and it is easy and not time consuming. Time is money so the quicker I can complete collages for online sales the better! Once you have the collage set how you want, you upload inventory pictures and size pictures then drag and drop. So simple! If you are a fellow consultant or quebie check the site out. Now that I feel good about how my photos are coming out and how to make my collages on the computer I feel ready for the 300+ pieces that should be arriving in a few weeks. No wasted time once inventory arrives. I’m set to go!

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LuLaRoe Shop is Open

Louisiana. Home Sweet Home.

With holidays approaching, it’s hard not to be homesick for my home state of Louisiana. I love Albuquerque, LOVE it, but there is nothing like home this time of year. This year I will be traveling home to Baton Rouge with a new title, LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Consultant. My family and friends in Louisiana are so excited for me as I go through this new journey. I will always be a teacher at heart but this is the perfect opportunity for me at this point in my life and for my family. All of my family and friends are new to LuLaRoe so I’m bringing home inventory, assuming I have it in time, to share my LuLaLove with family and friends in Baton Rouge. Finding LuLaRoe in Baton Rouge is still a quest and as are only a few consultants in the area. It’s a great business opportunity for me to share the gorgeous LuLaRoe clothing with Baton Rouge women. They will have a chance to see, touch, and try on the clothing in person before shopping online in my Facebook VIP group, LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider. My mom is already loving her LuLaRoe clothes she bought during a visit in October. She looks fantastic in them so it really shows how LuLaRoe is designed for women of all ages and sizes. I hoping to pull off a big Louisiana Launch Party at her house right before Christmas. I’m also excited to network and talk with LuLaRoe consultants in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans area. At market last weekend, my mom came across an adorable and successful New Orleans LuLaRoe consultant that gave her a card so I could contact her with any questions about the business. That’s one thing I love about this company already. It has such a helping culture amongst consultants. They don’t view each other as competition. They see other women selling beautiful clothes and go out the way to help each other succeed. Not everyone has such positive workplace culture!

Louisiana LuLaRoe

It’s such a magical time of year around the holidays and extra special for me this year as I anxiously await my on-boarding call. From Baton Rouge to Albuquerque, and across the country, the support from my family, friends, and fellow LuLaRoe consultants is beyond encouraging. ‘Tis the season!

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LuLaRoe Shop is Open

Three Weeks…….

Three weeks! I can’t believe three weeks have already gone by since I signed my contract to be the newest LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant in Albuquerque. I’ve had exciting milestones in my life the past two years (babies!!!) but I haven’t felt this passionate or excited about work in a long time. It’s really a breath of fresh air.

I love my job as a stay at home mom. I adore my babies. But let’s be honest, I’ve been so wrapped up in being “Mommy” the past two and a half years that I’ve lost a piece of Robyn. Now that I’ve stumbled upon LuLaRoe Robyn is BACK!!! My wardrobe is looking pretty good too 😉

So what exactly have I been doing the past three weeks? Goodness, where do I begin?! I’ve been planning how to set up LuLaRoe at home in our limited space. With two kids and dogs and no extra LuLaRoom like so many gals, I’m getting creative. Supplies are coming in – thank you Amazon! Research is being done so I can have a successful launch. I’ve been meeting with my sponsor and she has been so helpful and supportive! I’ll be setting up my photography materials soon to start practicing taking pictures with my LuLaRoe clothes so I know what works best in my home to get the best quality pictures and really showcase the gorgeous colors of LuLaRoe clothing. I’m also about to channel my inner fixer upper with a DIY project to showcase and display the famous and unique LuLaRoe leggings. I’m known to fall into the Pinterest FAIL category instead of success so let’s pray my leggings display is not a bust! I’ll share a picture once I’m done but it does involve crib rails!

I feel like there is still so much to do despite doing so much already! Business cards are ordered, bank accounts set up, business credit card, PayPal, e-mail address, Instagram….the list goes on! I’ve had so much support already as I prepare from my husband, friends and family back home in Baton Rouge as well as a great support group in Albuquerque. A big thank you to everyone for being such an important part of my LuLaRoe journey!

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