How much does LuLaRoe clothing cost?

If many of you are like me you know the answer to this far to well. But those of you are possibly new to the brand or just shop certain things often ask the question…..How much does LuLaRoe clothing cost? In this article I am going to cover pricing of LuLaRoe items that I love and some that are favorites of others and that are available in the market.

So LuLaRoe put themselves on the map with the oh so soft leggings. Everyone knows LuLaRoe for the leggings and rightfully so. These things aren’t called buttery soft for nothing. I tell you what when you wear these things it really doesn’t feel like you are wearing any clothing at all. So for those of you wondering these are probably one of LuLaRoe’s cheapest items running at $25. Now LuLaRoe has a smaller version for kids that are a few bucks cheaper but at or around $25 you can’t wrong by adding these to your closet.

Next I going to cover a few of LuLaRoe more popular tops. We can’t get this started without mentioning the LuLaRoe Irma first and foremost. The LuLaRoe Irma is a loose fit high low tunic and is super popular with the ladies. Some love the extra long back that gives women a little extra coverage in their well you know assets as some like to call it, ha. The Irma has been a favorite of many women mainly for the affordable price of $35. Next and my all time LuLaRoe favorite top is the LuLaRoe Classic. I love the high round neck and polyester jersey like feel of this shirt and I often pair with jeans and leggings alike. With the price of only $35, lets just say I have reaching my breaking point of owning Classics.

If you are still asking yourself, how much does LuLaRoe clothing cost, you can see that the pricing I have laid out, won’t break the bank by any means. But before we get too ahead of ourselves lets move into the skirt pricing to give you the top of the line on what you can expect to pay out of pocket for some of the most higher end items LuLaRoe has to offer.

How much does LuLaRoe Clothing Cost

So first I will start with the every so subtle and timeless design of the LuLaRoe Amelia. The Amelia is priced at $65 and in my opinion worth every penny. The LuLaRoe Amelia is a stretchy knit fabric dress that features an exposed zipper in the back and also has handset box pleats that gives the dress a flowing full skirt look. But my favorite part of all is this dress has pockets, yes that’s right I said pockets. How amazing is that? Imagine being dressed to the nines only to have pockets to stuff your lipstick and wallet in.  Moving on to the Carly, which was one of my very first pieces of LuLaRoe to ever purchase, this dress features an upper t shirt like material while being easy flowing down below. The Carly has a super playful high low hemline and was created to accentuate a women’s best features. With the price of the Carly only coming in at around $55, you can’t go wrong by adding a few of these to your wardrobe.

While I have covered some of my favorites and certainly not all of the LuLaRoe line, you can get an idea of the upper most and the minimums you will pay to own a piece of LuLaRoe clothing. But be it may you don’t need to spend a ton to look great in this clothing line and that’s what I believe appeal to the vast of the women shop and follow this brand.