How to shop LuLaRoe in Pawtucket RI?

So I am just going to start out by saying, I know most of you have heard of LuLaRoe and if you haven’t I feel really, really sorry for you. But then again you have probably saved tons of money not knowing about this cult like brand if you haven’t shopped it. I almost feel like I could have purchased my dream car by now if I would have never discovered this brand, ha. But on the flip side I have spiced up my lifestyle by including LuLaRoe clothing in my closet and finally found a brand that fits and makes me feel beautiful.

So for those who haven’t and those who have, you start out by just throwing the phrase LuLaRoe Pawtucket RI, in Google and shazzzam you have many, many lovely LuLaRoe consultants. So next you may be asking yourself, can’t I get these clothes in department stores. Well in short and to the point answer, absolutely not. These trendy, stylish clothes are only sold through independent consultants who have taken the plunge and spent tons of money building their inventory to provide to lovely customers like you and me. To compare this is much like any other product sold only through independent consultants like Mary Kay, etc. So back to the topic, if you are looking for LuLaRoe in Pawtucket RI, you throw that into Google and you may or may not get tons of results.

Next you will click on that consultant’s page and join their Facebook group. Wait lets back up, guess I missed that for those that don’t know. These clothes are sold by consultant’s through their Facebook groups, online pop ups and in home parties. Well at least that is how they are supposed to be sold by those consultants who follow the rules. Let me say this as well, I am not a consultant and never have been. I just have friends who sell it and have found my favorite consultant’s to shop from over the last year or two and learned how this process works.

So when you find your LuLaRoe consultant in Pawtucket RI and you become a member of their group and shop their clothing you will soon learn that particular consultant may or may not carry the styles of LuLaRoe clothing you like. That’s the beauty of this brand and more of an exclusivity and what makes it fun for people like me to shop. So say you find a LuLaRoe consultant that lives close to you that you shop with regularly and buy your LuLaRoe clothes from and then there is another one in the town next to you. Nine times out of ten those two consultant’s will have totally different styles and different pieces.  That’s the exclusivity of this brand that has created a cult like following. I will explain it in layman’s terms for you. So with this brand and how its sold, consultants receive their shipments all across America. But when they receive their shipments they don’t know if they will receive solid prints or super funky prints. It’s the luck of the draw. But another cool thing is as a customer when you find your floral or striped print you have been hunting for from a particular consultant you most likely will never see that print again. That’s right you purchased a piece of clothing that you will never see again. So if you like it when you see it, you better buy it right then and there.

So wherever you are or even if you are looking for LuLaRoe in Pawtucket RI, it would be in your best interest to seek out and join your favorite LuLaRoe consultants in cities all over this great nation. By doing this you are expanding your options on finding that certain piece you are looking for. I compare it to car shopping. You wouldn’t just go to the car lot right down the street from you would you and settle for what is there. You need options. Heck I just went through this. I was in the market for a new Honda Accord and the local dealership only had black and red. I wanted white so I had to travel 3 hours away to find it.

Remember LuLaRoe consultants are like car salesman, ha. You are going to find some you really, really love and then some not so much. It has taken about 2 years for me to find my 5 or 6 consultant’s that I consistently shop from. Some consultants post things you will love on social media and some not so much. Some consultants play cool games that you will love and some go live and some use album sales to push their LuLa.  There are different quirks about these consultants that you will come to love and your pocket books not loving you so much. Don’t limit yourself by only searching for LuLaRoe consultants in Pawtucket RI, reach out and expand your wardrobe from a smart and savvy LuLaRoe shopper like me.

If you don’t know where to start or looking for someone new to shop from here is a friend of mines link, click HERE.