How to wash LuLaRoe


Hey girls! No need to tell you about LuLaRoe right? LuLaRoe has become a bit of craze among women of all ages. Women are going nuts over the LuLaRoe trendsetting clothing styles. For those who don’t know about the brand yet, LuLaRoe is a fashion brand based in California, United States. It was brought to the life by a couple Deanne and her husband Mark Stidham. They are a multilevel marketing company and sell their product on social media through direct distributors. The LuLaRoe’s voguish clothing is ruling the multilevel marketing
industry with approx sales of 1 billion US dollars last year! Well, as the fan following of LuLaRoe clothing raises; so will the questions so it will be good to give you some tips on the brand and how to take care of it.

How to wash LuLaRoe clothes?

Be it your first day of college, office, a first date or a party LuLaRoe will always take you to the next level of fashion. While its good that you going voguish with LuLaRoe clothing, you certainly don’t want them to be ruined by improper washing, right? You don’t want your wardrobe to be ruined after all. So, check out how you can wash your LuLaRoe outfits without damaging them.

LuLaRoe leggings – In order to protect the color of your leggings turn it inside out. Then gently wash it in cold water. Don’t forget to use a mild detergent. Then finally air dry it in your washing machine or on a clothing line. It is not necessary to wash LuLaRoe leggings very often and actually I would advise against that unless they are super dirty.

LuLaRoe T’s and Randy’s you can wash the same way as the leggings. Wash them in light wash cycles and then Air dry.

LuLaRoe Lace items or Kimonos – To wash, LuLaRoe kimonos and other lace items you will find the instruction labels inside your LuLaRoe kimono or lace tops. Just follow those instructions. The lace items should never be machine washed or you will end up ruining the beautiful lace. Hand wash your lace kimonos or lace tops and skirts. I know you are probably asking yourself, hand wash them? Wasn’t that the way it was done in the 1800’s? I promise you will thank me for this.  Roll them in a towel. Squeeze them in towel and let the towel absorb the water as much as possible. Finally, let the item dry by hanging it. Even those washing machines have come a long way, on material like this, the spin cycle often does unseen damage that shows over time. It doesn’t take too much to get these clean by hand.

Some more tips

Note that it is really important to follow the instruction on the labels of all LuLaRoe  items. If you wash them improperly, you will end up running the look and feel of the outfit.

Please don’t throw them in dryer if you don’t want to ruin your buttery soft LuLaRoe’s.  If you still want to dry them on heat remember you will do that on the risk of damaging the product’s colour and fabric.

Use only good quality and mild detergent.

So if you are still asking yourself how to wash LuLaRoe just remember that most of the LuLaRoe items will work fine with light machine washing cycles, but some items require a strict hand wash. These items are specially labelled for hand wash on the instructions label. It is good to take some effort on hand washing for maintaining those beautiful LuLa clothes. So ladies, just remember these tips while washing your lovely LuLa and go into the wild and be confident supporting you LuLaRoe!