Love Your Lulalovin’ Self

I hate clothes. And I hate clothes shopping. Always have.  I was a plus sized teenager who went to a private school with a very strict dress code, with no uniforms!  Rough.  I’m now a mom of one, 36 years old, and a size 22/24.  For years, I spent hundreds of dollars in name brand stores trying to find clothes that not only fit, but actually made me feel good about myself.  Occasionally I’d find a piece that did that but I always felt they were “big girl clothes.”  My weight always fluctuated, so I wore leggings, which grew and shrunk with me. Easy right?

Everything changed when I told my best friend my every day leggings had ripped. She told me about Lula. On a whim, I ordered my first pair of leggings in a mystery sale. They were cute, they were butter soft, and they FIT! I was in love!

Over the next two months my Lula stash grew and grew! I literally emptied my closets of all non Lula.  Each new item made me feel confident, beautiful, sexy, and excited to wear it!  Every piece- leggings, Nicoles, Cassies, Perfects, Amelias, Sarahs, Carlys, everything, fit me like a glove and accentuated my figure. Yes, accentuated, not clinging to my rolls or making me feel like a frumpy potato sack!

Recently, I got mad. I got upset. I was in a Lula page and saw one woman say, “Do these leggings look ok? I’m plus sized and I had someone tell me fat people shouldn’t wear leggings.”  About two minutes later I saw another woman say, “Here is my new Amelia. Please don’t send me your diet pages, like last time, I’m just asking if this makes me look huge or if it’s ok.”  I realized while looking through many of the posts of woman showing off their Lula, including some which I had done in the past, share their pic and follow it up with “Please be kind…” What is going on here?? What are we doing to ourselves?

So I shared a few sentences about LuLaRoe and how it made me feel. How it’s changed my view of myself and of clothes and of my body.  How we need to celebrate US!! I put together a slideshow of some of my FAVORITE Lula outfits and shared it out, hoping it would inspire one lady to see herself in a new light because of LuLaRoe. Over 1000 likes later and hundreds of comments, and a special invite to write on this blog, I realized woman were just dying for SOMEONE to say what they have been feeling because of these amazing pieces!

It’s been beautiful, this Lula journey. From falling in love with clothes that love my body, to meeting amazing consultants, to the LuLaRoe community of woman, some who have become fantastic friends!

So ladies, if you are reading this and you are feeling inspired, get up, throw on your favorite LuLaRoe outfit (mine is a Carly with a Sarah and leggings) and take a SELFIE WITH A SMILE! It’s time to start to love your Lula loving self!


Article contributed by:

Tracy Hilker