LuLaRoe in Jeffersontown KY

What is LuLaRoe and what is the big deal about the clothes?

LuLaRoe is a brand, which sells brightly-colored shirts, leggings, and dresses, that aren’t available in stores or on a company website. Let me reiterate that, you will NOT find these on any department store rack or any online outlet mall! For that reason women all over the world are going nuts over this clothing brand that has catapulted from near obscurity to cult status in the past couple of years. Where do you get these clothes you say? Well if you are looking for LuLaRoe in Jeffersontown KY , these clothes are sold by independent fashion consultants like myself through home or online parties.

About the Clothes

The LuLaRoe Company’s design team makes about 400 new artworks for fabric each day that are sewn on to about 5,000 garments, and every consultant has different inventory. So if you aren’t the first to buy something, then you may never have another chance.

It’s like a cat and mouse game for most of these LuLaRoe fanatics. They join consultant after consultants Facebook page, hunting for that “unicorn” as some call it. People tend to be searching for the pattern that you have to have, that’s in your favorite style and your size, and boasts that one of a kind design.

So unlike going to a department store like Nordstrom located in one city or another, you know they will have the same clothes. With LuLaRoe, every consultant is going to have a completely different inventory.


LuLaRoe’s prices range from $25 for a pair of adult leggings to $35 for shirts, and $45 to $75 for dresses. The sizes are meant to fit all body types, from sizes 0 to 24.

Got to have it

Okay, so you are probably telling yourself……I have to have some of this LuLaRoe clothing. Maybe you just want to try one pair of their super popular leggings or a sexy tunic.  If you are a LuLaRoe veteran or a newbie, you have come to the right place. You can start off by joining my Facebook group below and get access to all my LuLaRoe gear as soon as it hits the racks.

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have.