LuLaRoe shop is Open to All

LuLaRoe is a company that was founded in 2014 by a network marketer turned fashion entrepreneur known as DeAnne Stidham. The company’s main goal is to help and show people how to sell affordable, stylish, comfortable clothing as well as giving fashion consultants the chance to make some extra money through what is proving to be a lucrative multi-level marketing medium. The LuLaRoe shop is open and found on Facebook and most of their business transactions are done through this social media portal. Their most popular items so far are the elastic printed leggings that they have been vigorously promoting.

LuLaRoe’s method of selling through Facebook is by inviting as many people as they can to one of their many so called ‘online parties’ which is done through a distributor and not by them directly. Besides the leggings they offer a variety of tops, dresses and skirts with size that ranges from double XS to triple XL. The printed leggings, however, are their bread and butter. With what most people have come to describe as a ‘buttery’ texture, these leggings, that cost about twenty five dollars, comes in two distinct versions. One-Size which are meant for those that are size two to ten and T&C, Tall and Curvy, meant for sizes twelve to twenty two.

LuLaRoe Shop is Open

The most interesting thing about this company is how they sell their products. LuLaRoe happens to be a multilevel marketing company. This generally means that distributors will come buy the product and then proceed with selling it to the consumer directly with no middleman. The company encourages its distributors to have their own sales team. The company invites anyone to join their movement which basically means anyone can join up with them and become one of their many distributors and sellers. Working from home has never been easier when selling products for this company.

Those of you that are looking to become business builders through this company, the LuLaRoe shop is open to you. What you will require is about four thousand five hundred to six thousand five hundred dollars depending on how much inventory you’ll need for those pop-up Facebook parties that usually happen weekly. Initial orders usually contain about three hundred pieces and will set you back a hefty six thousand dollars. However, one disheartening factor is that the distributor purchasing this said initial inventory has no control on what specific type of clothing apparels they’re going to get. This can prove tricky due to the fact that you may get something that you don’t want or don’t know how to sell.

To find that LuLaRoe shop that is open, shop where I first shopped, visit my friends page HERE.