LuLaRoe’s Irma: The PERFECT Tunic Top to Wear over Leggings!

Alright, ladies. We are all obsessed with LuLaRoe’s unique leggings. But have you discovered the perfect tunic tops to wear over leggings? Meet Irma. She is soft, comfortable, beautiful, unique, and forgiving to all sizes. Pull on your favorite leggings, find a matching Irma, and you have yourself the most comfortable, stylish go to outfit! However, did you know they are simple ways to jazz up your Irma tunics? Here are a few simple ways you can change up your tunic for a fun, different tunic and legging combination.

Irma Tunic with Leggings

First, let’s start simple. Just add a skinny belt to your Irma and you have a whole new look! Easy, adorable, stylish. Next, gather extra material at your hip bone and tie up into a knot. This makes the tunic more fitted throughout with a fashionable side knot. The knot can also be cinched as a flower but that will take a video tutorial to describe at a later time. You can adjust the placement of the tied knot to your liking. Play around with it to see what works best for you! The knot can also be tied in the back for a cute, more fitted look from the front. Another way to tie creates a ruched look that I adore. Grab the fabric below your rib cage on each side and pull together. Hold the cinched pieces and reach under your Irma. Once you grab the two pieces from underneath, tie a rubber band around them. Once you let go of your tunic you have an adorable ruched look.

Irma Tunic with beltirma-tied-in-back


The previous looks can be used year round during any season. The Irma tunic also has some creative hacks for the summer season. Irma can actually be transformed into a fashionable tube top during warmer weather. Take your arms out of your tunic top and there are several ways to style from here. First, pull the sleeves in front of you and tie beneath your bust. So cute and flattering! You can also do this same style but pull behind you to tie for a different look. Next, while still wearing like a tube top with your arms out, pull each are sleeve individually and tuck INTO your Irma tunic. Neatly tucked into each bust creates a unique look with this tunic top. Another alternative summer look is to keep one arm in and one arm out. Tuck in the arm sleeve that your arm is out of for a flirty off-the-shoulder look.


I must mention, all of these looks can be pulled off with ANY of LuLaRoe’s gorgeous skirts. I’ve even seen consultants and customers get creative and wear the Irma tunic as a skirt! Tie the sleeves in front or back for a stylish skirt any time of year. Who knew this simple tunic top was so versatile?! It is truly one of my favorite LuLaRoe pieces and comes in a variety of beautiful patterns and solid colors. If you don’t own an Irma tunic yet you are missing out!




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