Maxi…….The Versatile Skirt and Dress from LuLaRoe!

I absolutely adore the LuLaRoe Maxi. Work as a skirt or dress, they are so comfortable and can be worn for work or play. When shopping, I try to look for cheap maxi dresses to allow me to spend that extra money on an accessory to liven them up. I especially adore the LuLaRoe Maxi design because of how easily it can be dressed down or up for any occasion. Adding a pair of boots and a stylish jacket is perfect for a night out. Or just a simple belt around the waist for a day of shopping. Toss a cardigan to layer during cooler months!

When I really want to find trending or unique maxi skirts/dresses, I know just the place. LuLaRoe is hands down my favorite brand, even before joining the company as a fashion consultant. For starters, who can turn down the one of a kind, beautiful color and patterns? When it comes to my wardrobe, I love mixing the fresh, bold prints that LuLaRoe designs with the always classic solids. After I bought my first LuLaRoe Maxi, I was hooked. Even staying busy with my toddler and baby, I find the Maxi extremely comfortable for day to day wear. I can always dress the Maxi up for a night out with my husband!

Also, I love the different types of fabrics that LuLaRoe chooses to use in their inventory releases. Who could not wear a knit or cotton skirt and dress all day long? By far the best thing about these skirts, is that LuLaRoe has managed to maintain femininity while ensuring every dress is classy and modest.

A maxi dress is made to be comfortable so it can be worn for any occasion. Honestly, before I was introduced to the LuLaRoe line of clothes and maxi dresses, I only owned one. The cotton maxi dress that everyone wears to the beach to wear while they lie in the sand, or, as a cover- up after getting out of the water. Now I am a LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt addict! I especially love to accessorize the Maxi with fun jewelry and accessories to fit any occasion. I’m currently learning how to wear the Maxi as a shorter dress and goddess top. So fun to always learn new ways to wear my beloved Maxi! One skirt. Endless possibilities!

I feel like a million dollars every time I wear a LuLaRoe Maxi. Now that I am a LuLaRoe consultant, I get over joyed with excitement every time a new box of inventory arrives to see what new prints and solids the Maxi came in. With other department stores out there charging a fortune for maxi dresses, the LuLaRoe Maxi is extremely affordable. With its versatility, beauty, and comfort it is a must have piece in every woman’s wardrobe!

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