My First Unicorn – Purple and Yellow Patterned Leggings

Those new to LuLaRoe may not be familiar with the “unicorn” term quite yet. Unicorns are highly sought after patterns often found on leggings but the print may be found made in any LuLaRoe clothing piece. Some are highly sought after among LuLaRoe unicorn hunters like donut, pizza, or French fry leggings. Others are just individual shopper’s unicorn. My first unicorn item is a pair of purple and yellow patterned leggings. If you are from Louisiana you understand that you can NEVER own enough purple and yellow clothes in your wardrobe. If I weren’t a diehard LSU fan I’d probably have no interest in these leggings otherwise. It took a little searching, but I was able to track down the pair from a consultant in Colorado who had them shipped to me in a couple of days.

patterned leggings
Game Day Saturday = Unicorn leggings + clothing rack size dividers! #gettingready


Today I sport my LSU unicorn leggings as it is Saturday. Game Day. A sacred day in south Louisiana. I may be in Albuquerque, NM but I’ll be cheering on my team no matter where I am in the country. Before our two kids, Saturdays were spent lazily watching SEC football games all day long and meeting up with a group of other LSU fans to cheer on our beloved Tigers. I’d usually grade papers and work on lesson plans as well to get that out of the day. Today I work on my new business. I’ve got my buttery soft leggings on to send the Tigers good vibes and I’m putting together my adorable clothing rack size dividers. I’m OBSESSED with how cute they came out! I searched Etsy and EBay to find the perfect stickers to place on the solid white plastic dividers and found just what I was looking for on EBay, of all places. The Etsy designs were cute too, but it was just the instant download. I wasn’t interested in having to buy the sticker sheets, use my ink, and print them myself. So for a better deal price wise I ordered them already printed from EBay and they came out super cute. Once I can build up my inventory and start adding styles down the line I may need more. However, I should be all set for my initial inventory and launch!

As I admire my purple and yellow patterned leggings I’m starting to wonder….what will my next unicorn be? Will the hunt for them be as easy as it was this time?!

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