LuLaRoe Shop is Open

LuLaRoe…..the super popular and upcoming tops and tunic brand!

LuLaRoe is a clothing company that provides comfortable, unique, quality clothing through direct sale fashion consultants.

Sales are conducted through LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Consultants. There is no dedicated website or catalog to shop from. In addition, each fashion consultant carries different inventory since prints are so exclusive. Most consultants will get new inventory weekly to stock the latest and newest pieces.

LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants throw pop up boutique parties at a hostess home or event location. Online pop up boutiques may also be a hostess event where the hostess invites all of her friends to shop and member of the VIP group can also shop the latest inventory. LuLaRoe consultants reward their hostesses very generously!

LuLaRoe currently produces dresses, skirts, leggings, and tops for women, children and men. Items are available in solids or limited edition, one of a kind prints. Only around 2500 pieces of clothing are produced in each print. This makes them unique and constantly changing for a fresh look year round.

Among the leggings and dresses LuLaRoe produce, they are becoming a very popular tops and tunic brand. The Irma is a super popular tunic carried by LuLaRoe. The extra length in the back makes it a great compliment to almost any pair of leggings.

If you are interested in shopping the LuLaRoe clothing line you must have direct contact with a LuLaRoe independent fashion consultant. These consultants sell through pop up (in home) parties and through their LuLaRoe Facebook Group Page. This is the only way you can acquire these rare pieces of clothing.

To shop today please join my LuLaRoe Facebook Group HERE and have first pick of all my inventory as it comes in.