The popular LuLaRoe live sale!

If you are a fashionista and often find yourself filling your closet full of clothes then you probably have already heard of the brand LuLaRoe. LuLaRoe was created by a stay at home more for the stay at home mom. This clothing line is sold through LuLaRoe independent consultants through their independent Facebook group pages. But what is really catching on like wildfire is the LuLaRoe live sale!

As you might be aware Facebook now has the opportunity for you to go live anywhere. Facebook offers a live streaming feature that lets the average Joe stream anywhere at any time. It’s really simple, all you have to do is simply tap the live stream icon on your phone or computer tablet and you can begin to broadcast your video. Not only can you as a private individual take advantage of this but it’s helping boost people’s online presence to include businesses like LuLaRoe.

With many consultants taking advantage of the LuLaRoe live sale, more and more people are seeing and hearing about this brand in their news feeds across the world. The live sale feature allows LuLaRoe consultants to send notifications and event invites notifying followers of upcoming live sales. You can then select RSVP and you will be sent reminders of the upcoming live sale. The LuLaRoe live sales are much more personal and fun than the traditional way most consultants sold LuLaRoe in the past. Past sells were mostly conducted by album sales until the popularity of Facebook live.

Now Facebook live is catching on so much and so many people attend and watch during a LuLaRoe live sale that it’s often hard for the consultant to keep up. Can you imagine a thousand people watching you at one time and flooding you with questions and comments? With the popularity of LuLaRoe consultants and the Facebook live option, now consultants are having to employ help during these LuLaRoe live sale events. It’s hard enough for one person alone to show clothing live, talk about it, sizing, how it can be worn and what it can be worn with then to also have to read what people are asking and commenting about. This often takes a team to address all these issues.

Many people were polled that shop LuLaRoe on what they like more comparing LuLaRoe album sales to LuLaRoe live sales and the pendulum seems to be shifting toward live sales. Those that do like the live sales say it’s more exciting and more of a personal shopping experience for the customer. The get to ask questions live and get the answers immediately. They also get live and real time customer interaction with other shoppers as well. Some say it’s like you’re actually in home and trying these clothes on during these live sales. It’s a feeling of being there others would say. Regardless of your level of technical expertise everyone can enjoy these LuLaRoe live sales!