The Popular LuLaRoe Online Party

If you don’t already know what LuLaRoe is, today we will find out about LuLaRoe and how this company sells their products using social media networks like Facebook.

First for you newbies, LuLaRoe is a fashion line and outlet for women and is based on the multi-level marketing model which means that the products of the company are sold through various “fashion consultants” or independent person\distributor. They sell various clothing items like leggings, skirts, shirts, dresses and many more women clothing items. The current CEO of the company is Mark Stidham. This company is solely based in the United States based and particularly California and all the products are made and designed in the US. The company was started back in 2013 and has been a making a huge amount of revenue since then. As a consultant they get around 50% of the profit from selling their inventory. This has given a golden opportunity to earn sustainability to work at home for moms across the country.

There are various ways in which the fashion consultant can sell their inventory to the customers like hosting parties, making online private Facebook groups and host online parties. The hosting parties are the basic just as any other hosting party. These parties are like a convention for clothes where the fashion consultant can showcase their inventory and sell them to their friends and family. These in home parties are quite fun I must say because they usually involve cheese and wine, which are two of my favorites, ha. The other way is the most popular is selling through social media sites like Facebook. The fashion consultants make private Facebook groups and invite people through their love and interest of a specific item like leggings or skirts. These groups are normally used to conduct business over a long range of locations rather than a single location. Most group members are from a vast area of the United States because these members follow the consultants they most click with. In these groups, the fashion consultant puts the items of their inventory on the showcase or album as they call it and set a price. Then they create a schedule for the sales of the clothes and posts the schedule on the group page. The people who want to join these groups have to request the fashion consultant to add them to the group. Once added to the group the customer can find the item they want to buy and shop on these groups. Then these fashion consultants hold online parties in is what is often called a LuLaRoe Online Party. In the LuLaRoe Online Party, the fashion consultant live streams their inventory on Facebook and then the members of these groups bid on various items. This results in quasi bidding war between the various members of these groups. Once purchased the fashion consultant ships the product to the customer. And this how the selling process works for these online parties.

Hope I answered some questions here and if you are wondering where to find your next piece of LuLaRoe, shop where I first started HERE.