This is for the plus size LuLaRoe fans

I am going to assume most of you already know about LuLaRoe and the brand so let me dive right in here. LuLaRoe is a clothing brand for all sizes but let me tell you, there are a lot of plus size LuLaRoe fans out there. This brand accommodates women of all sizes but most women I talk to tell me that these clothes have never made them feel more beautiful. That is amazing to hear. I get it because I used to be there and trust me as a heavier women it aint easy finding clothes to fit, much less make you feel beautiful.

It seems that LuLaRoe had this in mind when creating their styles. There are plenty of plus size LuLaRoe fits and styles that women love. For instance the leggings, who doesn’t love the leggings? LuLaRoe has the one size and the tall and curvy sizes. For me, I am a tall and curvy fan. Those things really do feel like butter on my tushy, let me tell you. When I put those leggings on, I don’t have a care in the world and honestly feel like I am naked, haha. Just recently LuLaRoe started to offer TC2 leggings. This is an even better sale for someone like me. These offer a little more stretch and fit a little better in my opinion. For those seeking plus size LuLaRoe pieces, these should be at the top of your list.

Another selling point with the LuLaRoe clothing line is the pricing. Leggings only run around 25 bucks. You aren’t going to break to bank buying these. But if you are me you always find a way to break the bank, ha. I believe I have close to 45 pairs of leggings to date. See there are ways to break to bank if you are a LuLaholic like me. With that said the clothing line is not really expensive with some pieces going up to around the $50 range and down to $25 for leggings.

LuLaRoe was designed to not really be age appropriate and that my friend is what I and many other women find as the bestselling feature. I see women in their 30’s wearing LuLaRoe and I see women in their 60’s wearing LuLaRoe. This brand fits women of all genera and fits women of all body types. With the styles, the stretch and the uniqueness of the brand that has attracted plus size LuLaRoe fans from all over. That’s why I believe this brand is so popular. Rather you are a business professional or a stay at home mom you can rest assured you will find something in the LuLaRoe collection that fits your style and taste.