Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock………….

The time has come. I’m sitting anxiously by my phone in my funky leggings waiting for THE call. The Jeopardy theme music is playing in my head. I cannot believe the time has come. By the end of this week I should receive that magical call, “Hi Robyn. I’m ___________ from LuLaRoe. I’m calling to onboard you today.” EEK!

The emotions running through me are indescribable right now. I’m beyond excited for this new business adventure. I’m terrified. Will I fail? I’m hopeful. Will I succeed? I’m anxious. Will I be able to balance this new role with my others as wife and mom to a toddler and infant? What if no one shops with me? What if no one shows up to pop up parties or open houses to see my inventory?  But what if they do! Maybe my love for LuLaRoe will spread among friends, family, and those I don’t know yet. What if I help someone feel comfortable and beautiful in clothes who didn’t previously? The possibilities of what is about to happen in this journey are endless. I may not know what the outcome will be today. But I do know that I would regret not taking this journey with LuLaRoe.

As emotions run hot and cold through me I’m rechecking my to-do-lists seeing what else I can prepare for. My husband, kids, and I went and purchased collapsible rolling garment racks last night. That was the last biggie to get. I printed a few color signs earlier that I need to find some basic frames for to display during pop-ups. I’m organizing a binder and printing out materials, spreadsheets, etc. that should help me stay on top of things. I’ve got loads of graphics downloaded and ready to go. I do need to create a business page on Facebook in addition to my VIP shopping page.  But for the most part, I believe I have my ducks in a row as far as much as I can at this point. I’ve even had a handful of people request to join my shopping group so far that hunted my site down! It’s not a lot, but exciting to see people locate my page on their own and want to shop.

As this week begins, I feel as though I’m in the eye of a hurricane. The calm before the storm. Before I know it boxes and boxes of inventory will be at my front door awaiting me. Ready to shown off in pictures and at in home parties. I’m sure the first month will be absolute madness with the holidays looming. Luckily, I love staying busy and anticipate this to be a good kind of madness. Until then I’ll enjoy a relatively quiet week with my family. We will all be riding the LuLaRoe roller coaster before long!

Hopefully next time I write, I will OFFICIALLY be a LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Consultant!!!

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