Tips for a successful online LuLaRoe Pop Up Party!

Pop Up Party

You make be asking yourself, how does a Facebook LuLaRoe online party work?

I have a scheduled album sale for my LuLaRoe Facebook Group “LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider” every Thursday evening at 7pm MST. During that time I will announce that you are my guest “PARTY HOSTESS” for the duration of that sale. You invite all your friends to shop that sale (along with all my usual customers) and all they need to do is mention your name in the “HOSTESS” section of the checkout form as the hostess. I will see how many items your friends buy and you will earn your FREE clothes according to those numbers.

NOTE: I only allow one hostess per sale. I do not want a lot of hostesses at one time, because it may make it difficult for your friends to actually claim an item and purchase if there is too much competition. This being said…you will be the only hostess scheduled at this time! I think it makes it easier for your friends to shop and for you to earn FREE clothes!


  • I will create customized invitations for you to email/text/message to your friends and pass out to anyone and everyone you may know.
  • I will create a Facebook Event the Saturday prior to the online sale and have you add as many friends as you can. This event is essentially an online invitation for people to join the party and shop. I will make you a co-host of the event so you can invite your friends.
  • The days leading up to your party I will introduce all styles I carry to your friends in case they are not familiar with LuLaRoe. I’ll share vidoes and sizing charts as well. To get your friends excited I will give you a daily task to engage with them! For example, post a selfie in your LLR or the funniest LLR meme you can find.
  • The day prior to the sale I’ll start a FREE leggings giveaway for your friends simply for joining my VIP shopping page to have access to shopping.
  • During the sale I will record the number of items purchased by your friends and tell you how many FREE pieces of clothing you earned.



  • Email, post, and invite as many people as you can with the invitations I send you.
  • Invite your friends to the party via the “EVENT” that I scheduled.
  • Remind your friends about the sale. Send out personal messages! People often respond better to a personal message than just be added with the masses to an Event.
  • Please have your friends visit my website to become familiar with the clothing styles, pricing, etc… prior to the sale. This will make it easier for them to shop, because they know what to expect.
  • The day of the party any friends that haven’t joined my “LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider” page I’ll have you add so they have access to shopping.
  • Comment on the clothing and posts! Tag your friends in items you think they will like! Posts a reminder on your personal FB page in case your friends forgot to check the Event page.
  • Remind your friends to pay their invoices!! I will be submitting invoices after the party or the next day. I cannot tally up how many items were purchased under your hostess name until they are paid.
  • Be positive during the sale and most importantly just have fun!

These are my best tips so far for a successful online LuLaRoe Pop Up Party! However, I’m always trying new things to see what works best. Have a tip I missed?! Please share by commenting below!